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Pros and Cons of computer-based IELTS Exam

Just three years ago, IELTS added the option for candidates taking the test on a computer rather than on paper. They also conducted a survey asking about what the candidates preferred. As a result they got a number of responses through survey. candidates gave both positive and negative responses. The pattern of both computer based and paper based IELTS exam are exactly the same and both versions has the same difficulty level.

However, with the familiarity of people with technology, they will find the Computer-based IELTS easier but there are some pros and cons of it also.

In this article, we will give you the complete list on pros and cons of computer based IELTS.

Pros of Computer -based IELTS Exam

The computer -based online IELTS Exam is somehow easier for people who are familiar with the technological advancements nowadays. In the computer-based IELTS exam, it is easier to edit and correct the typed essay. Moreover, it is meant for saving time, cost and paperwork. This also provides the facility for candidates to avoid any unauthorized access as each candidate is having separate login credentials.Here are more advantages of computer-based IELTS exam-

1. Easy to Edit

Candidates are able to edit the essays which makes it easier for them to do better updation in organizing the structure of essays.

2. Word count

As the computer could count the number of words in the given text or essay so candidates need not to worry on focusing for word count.

3. Less crowded test centers

Computer- based IELTS Centers are crowd free and organised, this helps in relieving the stress level of candidates. This is also a nice way for improving the score level among candidates who appear for the test.

4. Handwriting not an issue

The candidates having handwriting issues can easily give this test as it would not effect their score level. They could easily type the correct answers without giving rise to any ambiguity.

5. Page flipping

Page flipping is not an issue in the case of computer-based online test. Candidates can easily visit to next page by just pressing the enter key.

6. It saves time

The online test is much more feasible in saving time as the questions are based on multiple choice pattern which saves the time of candidates in analyzing the answer and helps them in scoring best marks.

7. Paper work is not required

The user need not to do any kind of paper work as the online test which is computer based is all electronic and thus saves paper and trees.

8. Saves money

Candidates need not to buy any paper as the responses can be sent through mails and thus saves on logistics. candidates can give exams through computer -based online test through the computers in test centres. This type of technique helps them in saving their money and time respectively.

9. Its more secure

The computer- based online test is more secure and feasible as it helps in providing each candidate a separate login credentials and authorization.

Cons of computer -based online IELTS exam:-

Here are the following disadvantages of computer based online IELTS exam-


The candidates can face the problem of server based connection as the technical fault and certain geographical conditions can affect the computer based online test any time.

The internet at the testing centres should have a good speed. The test centres should ensure that they are continuously connected to the internet. .
The sound of typing could distract the work of a student on focusing their work. The adjacent candidates using other systems could also get disturbed.
The Computer-based online test is very difficult for the candidates who appear for the test on a computer for the first time.
The continuous work on computer can cause the strain on eyes so the candidates need to take essential precautions for this. For example the candidates can put on special spectacles which reduces the strain on eyes and help them focus on their work better.


We hope that information provided by us on the Pros and Cons of computer-based IELTS will help you to know which exam format is best for you. You should know that the computer based IELTS test is accurate and feasible. Online IELTS test is same as paper based test and it is based on the candidate’s overall skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, so it is important to work on your weak areas and improve them by proper practice.

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