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Guide on IELTS writing task 2

In IELTS writing, IELTS writing task 2 is the second task. You will write 250 words or more and explain your opinion with facts, examples, outline problems, suggest potential solutions, and support your stance. You’ll have around 40 minutes to finish your Essay Writing. IELTS Writing Task 2 holds more weightage than Task 1.
Information related to IELTS writing task 2

You should write over 250 words


IELTS writing task 2 is worth only about 66% of your total writing marks.

You will be marked on:
1. Task responses (25%)
2. Coherence and cohesion (25%)
3. Vocabulary (25%)
4. Grammar (25%)

IELTS writing task 2 Preparation tips 

1. Correctly understanding of the question

Any individual, before answering the question paper has to analyze the question first, i.e., what the question is and what the question means? As it will become an easy step first for cohesive Writing of any paragraph, essay, or any textual question if you carefully understand the question.

2.  Steps for writing answer

Planning should be your first step because it helps you organize your thinking. This is helpful for any individual who appears for Writing test 2 i.e., They should know the summary of the paragraph or essay, what the paragraph or essay is all about and how to answer that. Any individual needs to write down the introduction and can write about the passage summary and theme at the end conclusion of the passage or essay.

3. Analyzing different weak areas

For any individual, knowing the different weak areas for any skill of test are essential i.e., any individual should analyze their areas of weakness and strengths before attempting an IELTS exam. There can be different areas of weakness, like the incorrect use of grammatical words, sentences, paragraphs, and vocabulary. The different ways of Writing paragraphs, cohesive Writing, and time management are also managed accordingly. However, the various strengths can be utilized for improving the necessary skills, but the skills of general and academic proficiency any individual can achieve with great efforts and smart techniques. The main difficulty that any individual faces in the test are the problem of vocabulary. To overcome such issues, any individual can take the sessions and do practice to clarify their mistakes and improve vocabulary and Pronunciation.

4. Usual practice and frequent feedback 

The general practice of different skills, i.e., reading, Writing, speaking, and listening, helps an individual in improving their vocabulary, pronunciation, and correct use of grammar. Nevertheless, the different activities for improving these skills should be reading the newspaper, listening to discussions on different issues, meeting people speaking English, watching English movies, writing paragraphs on various topics such as “women empowerment,” political structure,” “information technology, “etc. Such type of Writing of different paragraphs not only improves the speed of Writing but also enhances your knowledge of wisdom, efficiency, and technique of Writing different paragraphs. The best way to improve the skills for communication or to learn English is that any individual should be in the habit of getting feedback from the concerned IELTS trainer. This will help them in improving the overall skills of English accordingly and will also result in improving performance and writing skills.

5. Different techniques in Writing essay or paragraph

The various methods in Writing essay or paragraph is to focus on different structure of articles. The different strategies or plan for Writing an essay is based upon the different question analysis, various creative ideas, structure, vocabulary, and grammar. Any individual can utilize their Writing skills to write an essay or paragraph for better understanding and knowledge not only from the examination point of view but for the improvement in skills as well.


Your writing skills are improved instantly when each person has improved the basic skills of grammar, speaking, listening, and improving English through discussions, group discussions, news articles, watching English movies, and regularly listening to English songs. Any individual should be in the practice of writing an essay or paragraph for different topics to enhance their skills in Writing. Following these tips along with proper preparation, will help you to achieve the desired IELTS score.

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